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We really love our new design

Hamper Boxes which are eco friendly, 100% recyclable and are made using recycled content in the UK.

They feature The Cheese Shop Logo on the front and come with a wood wool filling.

Small L: 250  W: 184 mm H: 80 mm

Medium L: 372 W: 242 H: 95 mm

Large L: 350 W: 350 H: 150 mm

CheeseShop Hamper Sticker.jpg
eco friendly.jpg

A Hamper from The Cheese Shop is a gift which you know will be appreciated and enjoyed! 


 You can visit the shop to hand pick

your selection or​ choose a hamper box

or gift bag from the options below and email us with a list of what you would like to be put inside.

Send your order to 

or telephone us on 01225 920240

to place an order and arrange a day for collection.

Alternatively, give us a brief description of who it's for and how much you would like to spend and we can make the decisions for you.

Prices for hamper boxes include the box, wood wool, ribbon and assembly. 

All additional items will be charged accordingly. Please note that Hamper boxes are not sold individually and must be purchased as part of a hamper selection bought from The Cheese Shop.

small gift box.JPG

No longer available 

window gift box.JPG
2 bottle.JPG
3 bottle.JPG
Small Gift Box

The smallest of our gift boxes. It can be filled with a small selection of cheese and a jar of chutney.

Size W15 x L20 x D8 (cm)


Square Gift Box

Suitable for a small selection of cheese, a jar of chutney and a box of cheese biscuits.

Size W25 x L25 x D12 (cm)

2 Bottle gift Box

Although it can fit two bottles of wine this popular hamper box can be filled with any selection of goodies.

Size W20.5 x L34 x D9.5 (cm)


large hamper box.JPG

Hampers can be made up using a selection of your choice.

You can add cheese, biscuits, chutneys, wine or any other of our delicacies to create a very special and personal gift.

Large Hamper Box

The largest of our gift hamper boxes. Will fit a generous selection of items.

Size W38.5 x H14 x D30 (cm)


At Christmas time we can also add festive items to your hamper.

Please enquire as to what is available.

3 Bottle Gift Box

This mid sized hamper box could fit 3 bottles of wine however it can be filled with any selection of items.

Size W30 x L34 x D9.5 (cm)

christmas gift bags.JPG
Christmas Gift Bags

We have a range of gift ideas...

From quality chocolates and confectionary, to wine, champagne & prossecco.

We have gorgeous cheese plate sets, bakers and accessories.    

You can purchase a gift voucher or have a hamper made up.... Sure to delight any food lover!

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