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            List of Cheeses


The following cheeses are usually available in our cheese counter. We sometimes have other cheeses in store that are guest cheeses and therefore are not always in stock. If there is something that you would like and it isn’t listed here then we will either try to get it in for you or suggest a good alternative.

 Gift hampers can be made up using a selection of cheese and other items.

Orders can be emailed or telephoned through. Local delivery may be possible. Please ask for details.


P Pasteurised   U Unpasteurised    V Vegetarian    S Sheep    G Goat    B Buffala   O Organic   L Local

Hard Cows Cheese

Name of Cheese           Description                                                                                                                                 Price


Appleby’s Cheshire          A traditional cheese which comes wrapped in cloth. It is moist and crumbly                             £2.25 per 100g

                                          with a clean zesty flavour. U

Applewood Smoked         A cheddar that is smooth, smoked in flavour and coated in paprika. P V                                   £1.60 per 100g

Black Bomber                  This Award Winning extra mature cheddar is from the Snowdonia Cheese                                 £1.95 per 100g

                                         Company in Wales. Smooth and creamy in texture it is demandingly moreish! P V

Chewton Farmhouse        This one year old medium strength traditional cheddar is made by hand at                               £1.85 per 100g

Cheddar                          Ford Farm in Dorset. P V

Comte AOC                      A fine rinded mountain cheese from the Jura region of France made to a traditional                 £2.25 per 100g

                                         1000 year old recipe. Smooth textured, creamy and nutty in flavour with small holes.

                                         Comte is hand-made all year round from milk obtained from cattle which graze on the

                                         pine-fringed lush mountain slopes. It is fine and smooth with a rich fullness of flavour. U

Cornish Yarg                    Cornish Yarg is unique! Made by hand and wrapped in nettles it has a firm yet                         £2.25 per 100g

                                         crumbly texture and a mild but distinctive taste. A lovely looking cheese for the

                                         cheese board! P V

Dorset Red                       This delicious cheese from Ford Farm in Dorchester makes the perfect treat for any                 £1.75 per 100g

                                         occasion. Cold-smoked over oak chips for a distinctive smooth, mellow and smoky

                                         flavour. Dorset Red has a deep amber colour, due to the addition of annatto, a

                                         commonly used natural colouring which gives it a similar appearance to a Red Leicester. P V

Emmental:                        Our cave aged Emmental from Switzerland has been aged for a minimum of 14                       £2.50 per 100g

Kaltbach Cave Aged        months in natural sandstone caves that reach deep into the Santenberg Hill.

Emmental AOP                 Emmental has a mild and nutty flavour and is firm yet silky in texture. Its distinctive

                                         holes are created by gases trapped in the cheese during its six month maturation.

                                         It is essential for Fondue. U


Godminster Organic        Encased in a burgundy wax this distinctive cheddar like cheese is smooth, strong                    £2.50 per 100g

Cheddar                          and creamy.  P O V

Gruyere:                          A traditional hard, unpasteurised mountain cheese from Switzerland. It has a                 £2.55 per 100g                

Le Cret Gruyere AOP      complex flavour, full of sweet caramel notes and a richness and nuttiness.

                                        It has been matured for twelve months.                           

Hereford Hop                  An usual looking cheese encrusted with toasted hops.  Made near Worcester                            £1.70 per 100g  

                                        it has a super pronounced flavour and silky smooth curd. Another of our Best Sellers

                                        and definitely one to be tried! P V

Jarlsberg                         Smooth and rounded in taste this sweet and nutty cheese from Norway has distinctive             £1.65 per 100g

                                        round holes. It is an Iconic cheese made to a secret Norwegian recipe.

                                        Great for melting when cooking. P

Lancashire Tasty             A tangy cheese with the traditional crumbly texture. V                                                                 £1.65 per 100g

Mimolette                         Resembling a pitted cannonball mimolette is a hard cheese from France.                                 £2.50 per 100g  

Guest Cheese                 It was Banned from America due to the mites that are intentionally added as part of

                                        the process. Its flesh is vivid orange in colour and it has a slightly honeyed taste. P

Montgomery                   This famous traditional cheddar is aged for over 12 months. It is a superb tasting                       £2.25 per 100g        

Cheddar                         unpasteurised cheese which often has blue veining running through it. U

Morbier AOC                   This interesting semi firm cheese is from the Jura mountains in France. It is made in two           £1.85 per 100g

                                        layers with a charcoal streak through the centre. It is soft but firm with a mild flavour.

                                        Be warned as it is one of our smellier cheeses!!  U

Old Amsterdam              This hard cheese is an 18 month aged Gouda from Holland. It is smooth, rich and creamy.        £2.50 per 100g

                                        It offers a beautiful depth of sweet and savoury flavours. P

Old Winchester               One of only a limited selection of cheeses matured for around 16 months to produce a firm,      £2.55 per 100g

                                        hard cheese with a nutty flavour. P V

Parmiggiano Reggiano   Only Reggiano is true parmesan!! This genuine 2 year old parmesan is a hard cheese              £2.45 per 100g 

                                        from Italy. It is commonly grated over pasta dishes, stirred into soups and risotto’s and

                                        eaten on its own. U

Raclette                           Raclette is a traditional cheese from the Savoie region of France. It is also produced in             £1.65 per 100g

                                        Switzerland. It gets its name from the word ‘racler’ which means to scrape and describes

                                        the way it is usually eaten – melted and scraped off onto hot boiled potatoes & served

                                        with cold meat and gherkins. Absolutely delicious in the winter months!! P

Single Gloucester            Made by Charles Martel – the maker of stinking bishop – in Dymock. Single Gloucester            £2.50 per 100g

                                        although classed as a hard cheese is more soft and creamy in texture than cheddar.

                                        It has a natural mouldy rind and can only be made on Gloucestershire farms which

                                        have a pedigree herd of Old Gloucester cows. P


Tome de Savoie AOC     This semi-firm cheese is made in the valley of Savoie in the French Alps. Using skimmed          £2.00 per 100g

                                        milk it is one for your waistline! Covered in a natural mould it has a nutty, slightly earthy

                                        flavour. U


Vignotte                          This popular rich triple cream farmhouse cheese is made in France. It is a semi-firm                   £2.15 per 100g

                                        cheese, buttery in texture with a soft natural rind and a fresh, clean flavour. At 75% fat

                                        it is not one for the waistline! P

Vintage Cheddar Gorge  From ‘The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company’ this robust, mighty strong cheese has                 £1.95 per 100g

                                         been described as “itchy roof of the mouth stuff”. Certainly once tasted, the strong flavour

                                         develops in the mouth and will linger for some time. “How cheddar cheese used to taste”.

                                         Matured in cloth for a minimum of 16 months, this vintage cheddar is allowed to develop


Wensleydale Special       Aged for up to 6 months producing a fuller, deeper and mature flavour.                                      £1.65 per 100g

Reserve Yorkshire            It has a creamy crumbly texture. P V


Westcombe Cheddar      This is the flagship cheese from Westcombe Dairy in Evercreech Somerset.                               £1.85 per 100g

PDO                                 Aged for 11-18 months it is made using unpasteurised cow’s milk from their Holstein

                                         Friesian herd. It has a deep complex flavour with a mellow lactic tang and long notes

                                         of citrus, hazelnut and caramel. The texture is structured and firm, with a smooth

                                         breakdown that keeps the flavours lingering on your palate. This cheese is often called

                                         a ‘five mile Cheddar’, as you’re still tasting it five miles down the road! U

Wyfe of Bath                    This local cheese from The Bath Soft Cheese Company is succulent, nutty and creamy.             £2.15 per 100g

                                         It is made by placing the curd in cloth lined baskets, it retains the basket shape and has

                                         a soft light caramel colour. Wyfe of Bath takes its name from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

                                         and, like the tale, when you cut into a Wyfe of Bath you will get a taste old England. P O

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